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SPECIAL OFFER: One day unlimited travel by train through Holland!
In addition to Holland Pass, we also offer the unique opportunity to purchase a DAY train ticket for only €19,- instead of €51,80!

This is valid for FREE travel during off-peak hours and weekends (2nd class). It is required to check-in on Monday - Friday: between 09:00 - 16:00 and 18:30 - 06:30. Check-in is possible all day on Saturday and Sunday. This DAY train ticket is valid for travel throughout Holland (not valid for travel on the NS Hispeed trains).

Why should I buy a train-day ticket?
The Dutch cities are all worth a visit. Holland Pass already offers activities in several major Dutch cities. The best and most comfortable way to travel between the cities is by train. To give you a few examples of roundtrips through Holland by train, we’ve made a list :

Amsterdam – Utrecht €14,50
Amsterdam – The Hague €22,00
Amsterdam – Rotterdam €29,00
Amsterdam – ‘s-Hertogenbosch €29,40
Amsterdam – Arnhem €31,50
Amsterdam – Breda €39,00
Amsterdam – Maastricht €49,40
Rotterdam – Maastricht €49,00
Rotterdam – Haarlem €23,20
One day unlimited travel by train €19,-

If you are planning to travel between the cities by train, with the NS train-day ticket you will SAVE the most!

How do I get the NS train-day ticket?
The NS train-day ticket is only available online and in combination with Holland Pass. Read here how to buy the NS train-day ticket directly as add-on with your Holland Pass: 

• Order NS train-day ticket directly: switch the add-on “NS train-day ticket” ON and choose the quantity (it's not possible to order more NS train-day tickets than Holland Passes). After payment of Holland Pass with add-on, you will receive an E-mail with the product you’ve ordered. In case of a delivery, we will send both products. If you decide to collect Holland Pass at one of our pick-up locations, you can also pick-up your NS train-day card with the printed confirmation voucher.

IMPORTANT! The NS train-day tickets can only be pick-up at the following GWK Travelex locations: GWK Travelex Schiphol Airport Plaza, GWK Amsterdam Central Station, GWK Eindhoven Airport, GWK The Hague CS and GWK Rotterdam Central Station.

Buy your Holland Pass and add a day unlimited travel by train through Holland. Make the most out of your Holland Pass and visit multiple cities in one day. Day train ticket regular price: €51,40 now with Holland Pass only €19,-!