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SPECIAL OFFER: One day unlimited travel by train through Holland!
In addition to Holland Pass, we also offer the unique opportunity to purchase a DAY train ticket for only €19,- instead of €51,80!

This is valid for FREE travel during off-peak hours and weekends (2nd class). It is required to check-in on Monday - Friday: between 09:00 - 16:00 and 18:30 - 06:30. Check-in is possible all day on Saturday and Sunday. This DAY train ticket is valid for travel throughout Holland (not valid for travel on the NS Hispeed trains).

Why should I buy a train-day ticket?
The Dutch cities are all worth a visit. Holland Pass already offers activities in several major Dutch cities. The best and most comfortable way to travel between the cities is by train. To give you a few examples of roundtrips through Holland by train, we’ve made a list :

Amsterdam – Utrecht €14,50
Amsterdam – The Hague €22,00
Amsterdam – Rotterdam €29,00
Amsterdam – ‘s-Hertogenbosch €29,40
Amsterdam – Arnhem €31,50
Amsterdam – Breda €39,00
Amsterdam – Maastricht €49,40
Rotterdam – Maastricht €49,00
Rotterdam – Haarlem €23,20
One day unlimited travel by train €19,-

If you are planning to travel between the cities by train, with the NS train-day ticket you will SAVE the most!

How do I get the NS train-day ticket?
Order your NS train-day ticket directly with your Holland Pass: add the “NS train-day ticket” and choose the quantity (it's not possible to order more NS train-day tickets than Holland Passes). After your payment, you will receive an E-mail with the products you’ve ordered. Please read the instructions “how to redeem your DAY train ticket” underneath.
Keep in mind that it is NOT possible to change the name or the travel date after the tickets are redeemed.

How to redeem my DAY train ticket:
1. Open your Holland Pass voucher (e-mail) and click on link(s).
2. Check the if the product matches your order
3. Fill in your travel date (the train ticket can't be booked longer than one month ahead)
4. Check your ticket and click on the button ‘’continue’’.
5. Enter your Initials and your surname (the e-ticket is non-transferable)
6. Enter your date of birth. Please note! First day ”dd”, then month ”mm” and year “jjjj”.
7. Fill in your email address twice to confirm your e-ticket and accept the terms & conditions.
8. Make sure to enter the correct information, as you are requested to show your ID with this ticket.

IMPORTANT: We advise redeeming the e-ticket no more than 1 day prior to use, as the ticket is for personal use only. Once the ticket has been redeemed,
it is NOT possible to change the name or the travel date.

NOTE: the e-ticket is non-transferable. Enter the personal details of the person who is traveling with this e-ticket. The details on the e-ticket must correspond with the identification card.

Buy your Holland Pass and add a day unlimited travel by train through Holland. Make the most out of your Holland Pass and visit multiple cities in one day. Day train ticket regular price: €51,40 now with Holland Pass only €19,-!