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Holland Pass has created unique offers for visiting Holland’s #1 attraction including free entry, transport and sightseeing tours. Read here all the information and blogs about Keukenhof.


  • Keukenhof - 8 reasons why Everyone Must Visit Keukenhof


    Keukenhof opened 65 years ago and was an instant success. From the very first year Keukenhof had over 200,000 visits and today Keukenhof is visited by more than one million people each year. Unfortunately, Keukenhof is only open for eight weeks each spring. Therefore we give you 8 reasons why you have to visit the Keukenhof and enjoy the beautiful floral spectacle this spring:

    1.       There are seven MILLION flowers to see!
    Seven million bulbs are planted in October each year. These flowers are in full cover in April when the Keukenhof opens for public. With over 32 hectare of the colourful flowers an increadible scenery is guaranteed!

    2.       Also the Dutch LOVE Keukenhof!

    Dutch people often don't visit their own attractions. For the Keukenhof, however, we gladly make an exception. Dutch people love to go to the Keukenhof and see for themselves how beautiful the flower creations have become each year!

    3.       Make a SELFIE at the special 'selfie garden'

    A lot of people tend to forget it, but the Keukenhof also has some very special gardens. In total there of 5 kinds of gardens including (yes.. really) the 'selfie garden'. The best place to make amazing photographs with your friends and family, full colors and with the beautiful flowers in the background. 

    4.       There is a special theme each year 

    2015 was the year of Vincent Van Gogh which was a huge success. The flowers were put down to perfectly see the face of Van Gogh as he pained in one of his masterpieces. The Keukenhof has a special theme each year and we cannot wait to hear what next year's theme will be!

    5.       You have a view over the beautiful Dutch Windmills

    One of Dutch greatest icons is the original windmill. Near and around Keukenhof you can actually find some beautiful windmills. This contributes to your full Dutch experience and will give you the opportunity to capture some of your most beautiful pictures of the Netherlands.

    6.       You get to know the Dutch Royal Family

    Alright, not really! The Royal Family has a special connection with the Keukenhof ever since the park opened. Therefore the Keukenhof exists of pavilions named after the Royal Family members.

    7.        Perfect starting point for cycling the area

    Besides a visit to the Keukenhof, we highly recommend to do some cycling (or hiking) in the area as well. Go through the beautiful landscapes, the windmills up to the beach! Noordwijk Beach is not too far away from Keukenhof. Therefore, if the weather allows, it's a wonderful activity to explore the area. (Tip: have a little snack at the Branding Beachclub).

    8.       It is easily accessible

    To some it may sound a little bit complicated to get to the Keukenhof but it is actually really easy to reach. On this blog you find information on how you can easily travel to Keukenhof and how we can provide you with all the comforts you need. So, in case you are interested in a to visit Keukenhof this spring, it might be a good idea to check the Holland Pass. This pass grants you FREE access to the Keukenhof without waiting in line. On top of that you can select and choose from 100 other top museums and attractions in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The Holland Pass packages also come with transport and an online/offline guide book. It’s the best way to discover all the highlights of Holland!

  • To Keukenhof from Amsterdam


    Keukenhof is located in South-Holland in a small town named Lisse. Lisse is easy to reach by car or public transport. Next to the Keukenhof gardens there is a big parking lot available for Keukenhof visitors. This will cost €6 euro’s for one day per car or motorcycle. If you prefer traveling by public transport, you can catch the Keukenhof Bus from Arriva. Also possible is the Keukenhof Excursion from Tours & Tickets with departure from Amsterdam City Center.

    Public transport: Keukenhof Bus (Arriva)

    The public transport bus from Arriva will departure from Amsterdam Schiphol, Haarlem or Leiden and will bring you to Keukenhof Gardens. You can catch the bus at any departure location with a Arriva Keukenhof bus ticket. Exchange your Transport Holland Pass ticket at GWK Travelex office (in Amsterdam or Schiphol) to get a free roundtrip bus ticket to Keukenhof. Arrived at Keukenhof Gardens? Use your Golden Holland Pass ticket for free and fast track entry!

    Details Keukenhof Bus from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
    ·         Bus number 858
    ·         Duration: 40 minutes
    ·         4-12 busses per hour
    ·         First departure: 08:30
    ·         Last departure: 19:00

    Details Keukenhof Bus from Leiden
    ·         Bus number 854
    ·         Duration: 30 minutes
    ·         4-12 busses per hour
    ·         First departure: 08:30
    ·         Last departure: 19:00

    Details Keukenhof Bus from Haarlem
    ·         Bus number 50 from Haarlem Central station, transfer to bus 58 at stop “De Nachtegaal”
    ·         Duration: 50 minutes

    Best way to travel from Amsterdam centre to Schiphol Airport

    To catch the Keukenhof public transport bus from Amsterdam city centre, you have to travel to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport first. This short ride can be made by public transport bus 197 from bus company Connexxion. Exchange your Transport Holland Pass ticket at the GWK Travelex office for a roundtrip bus ticket to Keukenhof (incl. bus 858 to Keukenhof from Schiphol).

    Keukenhof Express (Excursion Tours & Tickets)

    Would you like to departure from Amsterdam city centre and drive directly to Keukenhof Gardens? This is possible with the Keukenhof Expres tour from Tours & Tickets! The tour will offer you transport, fast track entry and 3 hours walking around at Keukenhof. We do advise to make a reservation one day ahead at the Tours & Tickets offices:

    ·         Tours & Tickets Damrak 26,
    ·         Tours & Tickets Damrak 97,
    ·         Tours & Tickets Damstraat 31,
    ·         Tours & Tickets Reguliersbreestraat 35,
    ·         Tours & Tickets Leidsestraat 80 en
    ·         Tours & Tickets Paulus Potterstraat 58

    Exchange your Golden and Transport Holland Pass tickets for the complete tour worth of €50,-. You can try to catch the tour the very same day, but there is a change that the tour is completely booked.

  • Keukenhof Deals with Holland Pass


    Holland Pass offers great possibilities for visiting Keukenhof. There are several options:

    • 1. Exchange Transport ticket for a public transport ticket and 1x Gold ticket for free and fast track entry at Keukenhof.
    • The public transport ticket is valid for 24 hours from the first check-in during Keukenhof (24 March - 16 May 2016). With this ticket you are entitled to travel with public transport within the metropole area of Amsterdam from and to Keukenhof  Exchange 1x Gold ticket at Keukenhof for free and fast track entry. Flexible hours, visit at your own pace!
    • 2. Exchange 1x Gold + Transport ticket for travel in luxury touring bus from Amsterdam city centre to Keukenhof, including free and fast track entry at Keukenhof.
    • Maximum stay at Keukenhof: 3 hours. This tour is operated by Tours & Tickets, departure from Damrak 26.
    • 3. Keukenhof Excursions; 20% discount upon presentation of your Holland Pass.
    • Excursions departing from Amsterdam city centre. This tour is operated by Tours & Tickets, departure from Damrak 26.
    • - Keukenhof & Flowerfields incl. visit to a bulbfarm
    1. - Keukenhof, Flowerfields & Countryside (Zaanse Schans, Volendam & Marken)